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Why Glass?



Company Profile

MYCOOL Products, LLC.


Founded: 2011

Certifications: Patented Design


Designed by MYCOOL in Washington.  Assembled in China.

Awards & Recognition


A few short years ago, I was reusing the same plastic water bottle over and over again (trying to be eco friendly), and was unaware at the time that I was ingesting harmful chemicals into my body due to the continued use of an aging plastic bottle.  A friend of mine told me that I should use a glass bottle, and I quickly was on the search for one.  

However, I was disappointed with what was available.  Then the inspiration to create a stylish glass water bottle came when I could not find one that I liked.  After several months of drafting designs, I came up with a simple design that was sleek, stylish, functional as well as decorative.  

In addition to introducing a reusable glass water bottle, I wanted to further expand on, not only my interest on preserving the environment, but to make it easy for others to do the same.

The mission to create a stylish and functional water bottle, as well as helping to preserve the environment, was accomplished. 

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