Modern designs for  innovative


  • Like a Fashionable pair of shoes, handbag, dress or suit, MY COOL water bottle takes your game up to another level. 

  • Glass brings to a simple water bottle  up to a level of Sophistication & Elegance to the user.  In any formal or non formal event, glass makes everything taste better.  "Would you prefer to drink your favorite wine or beer out of a glass or plastic container?"​

  • Much thought and care went into the design of the MY COOL water bottle.  Your first impressions when you have the bottle in your had is that it is very Sleek & "COOL" in design. 

  • Unlike other water bottles that are out in the market that are bulky, bulbous, and "too big", MY COOL water bottle is Ergonomically Designed to fit the contour of your hand which makes it more comfortable to hold. 
  • ​Functional and Decorative.... MY COOL will look attractive in your hand, on your desk at work, in your car or home. 

Health & Beauty


Style & Elegance

Why Glass?

Sleek, Sophisticated, Fashionable & Desirable. 


Positive Attributes